CIPI Annual Events

Sipisishk Communications Inc. (CIPI CABLE & CIPI RADIO) has been hosting Annual Events in Beauval for its residents over the past decades to show appreciation for their continued support throughout the year with our fundraising/business efforts. Many of you may still have fond memories of the past event that became a staple of the end of summer celebration, the CIPI Jamboree. Although the Jamboree of old is not held any longer, CIPI continues to host events on an Annual basis to strive towards upholding the tradition of giving the residents of Beauval and surrounding area an event to look forward to participating in from year to year.

CIPI Events include:

CIPI $5,000 Poker Rally - May 13, 2017

CIPI Annual Family Fish Derby May 27, 2017

CIPI Annual General Meeting - February 2, 2017