CIPI CABLE launching DIGITAL CABLE upgrade in 2018

CIPI CABLE is gearing up to make changes to our Digital Cable Service lineup of channels.

As of April 4, 2018, we will no longer be offering Analog Channels and the HD Pack will be removed as well

In the coming weeks, we will be busy installing new equipment for our future changes to take effect in the coming months

We will be launching new packages and channels soon, the HD channels you have come to enjoy will return as well as other cable channel favorites in HD format

In preparation, we are offering an affordable rental option on our DCX 3200 set-top box for $3.95 monthly with a $40 deposit and a 12 month lease with a $70 deposit for $5 per month

You can come in to our office and purchase a DCX 3200 and save $60 with a purchase of $70 from now till the end of May 2018

For those that currently rent a DCT set-top box from us, bring it in, and swap your machine in for a DCX 3200 for $3.95 monthly rate, your DCT rental unit will cover the deposit fee

For more information on the upcoming changes to our lineup or to make arrangements for your DCT set-top replacements, call us at (306) 288-2222

Exciting changes are coming!

More updates to come!