Vision Statement

CIPI's vision is to be the leading distributor in the communications markets we serve.

We will provide our customers knowledge, service and convenience. As we strive to realize our vision, we will treat our customers, employees, vendors and the community we serve ethically, professionally and equitably.

Mission Statement

CIPI will provide reliable, effective, modern and integrated communication services for Beauval and area.

CIPI will provide value to its customers by offering high quality communication services, continually improving customer care, and unwavering commitment of its employees.

CIPI will assist qualifying local non-profit organizations and Beauval residents with their fundraising efforts through Ticket Sales, TV Auctions and Radio Pledge Drives. We will share our success with the community through worthwhile fundraising initiatives.

Our standard is excellence and our model of success is teamwork.

Current Board and Staff of Sipisishk Communications Inc.

CIPI Board of Directors

Melvin (Bill) Roy - President

Nick Daigneault - Vice-President

Myrna Bouvier - Secretary/Treasurer

Mervin Morin - Director

Tina Maurice - Director

Wendy Eldridge - Director

Jolene McKay - Director

Bertha Durocher - Elder Representative

Haylee Alcrow - Youth Representative

CIPI Staff

Fred Roy - Manager

Velma Roy - Secretary / Editor

Randy Lafleur - Announcer / Advertising & Sales

Rachel Laliberte - Bingo Supervisor

Wendy Eldridge - Bingo Supervisor

History of Sipisishk Communications Inc.

old logo

Photo of CIPI's Original Logo constructed in Dreamcatcher Wheel

October 1985

Photo taken in October 1985 during installation of Off-Air Channel #3, pictured are Blue Heron, Fred Roy, Mourning The Trees, Harv Morin, and Val Bear.

Sipisishk Communications was incorporated in February 1985 with the mandate of providing improved communication services for Beauval and area. In the beginning, CIPI was situated out of the old Drop-In Centre and provided radio programming through the community over-the-air channel 3, operated three (3) over-the-air TV channels, produced a weekly newsletter, and hosted a TV Bingo with proceeds going towards operational costs and salaries.

In 1986, CIPI started the first annual Jamboree held during the September long weekend and eventually moved to the August long weekend. The Jamboree was held to help expose Beauval residents to musical acts that they otherwise would not be able to listen live and see in person, with such acts as Doug Kershaw, Kashtin, Sir Douglas Quintet, Joel Sonnier, Errol Ranville, Al Cherny, Buck Owens, The Kentucky Headhunters, Shaver, along with a number of Northern musicians/bands. Due to financial losses posted every year, the board decided to stop hosting the Jamboree in 2001.

Also in 1986 CIPI purchased the old Clinic Trailer and began renovations to double the size of the building to better suit the expanded services that CIPI began to offer. Renovations were completed in 1988, and during this time CIPI RADIO began broadcasting radio programming on 96.5FM.

CIPI Cable was started in 1994 and began offering 30 analog TV channels to the community of Beauval which was a significant increase from the previous lineup of 3 over-the-air channels, and continued to add channels throughout the years and reached a total of 42 analog channels.

In the fall of 2004, A new building was constructed and CIPI moved their operations to this new building in March 2005 which is our current base of operations to this day.

Digital Cable was a topic of discussion for so many years within the company and community and finally become a reality for Beauval with the official launch of Digital Cable services on March 1, 2014. Most of the channels available are offered in different packages at very competitive pricing. CIPI Cable also offers HD channels as well as PPV events and movies. With the launch of the Digital Cable, the analog channel lineup also changed down to 33 channels.

For the first 9 years of operations, CIPI operated 3 over-the-air TV channels, local FM radio programming and produced a weekly newsletter. Over the decades with help and assistance of growing technologies and amazing staff, CIPI has continued to stay true to its original mandate of providing Beauval and area with improved communication services. Sipisishk Communications Incorporated has come a long way from its humble beginnings to now providing Digital Cable Services, an informative Weekly Newsletter, and weekday Radio Programming on 96.5FM.